About Us


Plant #1 Description
The product focus at this facility is primarily extension springs, torsion springs, wire forms, and production stampings. The technology used to manufacture this product consists of CNC programmable and robotic forming equipment. With “world class” equipment, our capability affords us the flexibility to form, transfer to secondary forming stations and drop completed products. This coupled with robotic resistant, mig & tig welding equipment allows us to assemble and weld multiple components so as to provide value added assemblies to our customers.  
5100 Waynesville-Jamestown Rd.
Jamestown, OH 45335
Plant #2 Description
This plant serves as a dedicated paint facility. The primary processes performed at this location include a combination of manual and automated systems for Powder Coating, E-Coating, and Wet Paint. In addition, for any identification needs we utilize a bulk drip and spin operation to achieve any full coverage requirements.  
45 S. Limestone Street
Jamestown, OH 45335
Plant #3 Description
This facility has been departmentalized for the most efficient utilization and material handling for the production of various quantities of compression springs, end grinding and ring manufacturing. This facility utilizes state of the art CNC and mechanical equipment. That affords us the opportunity to be very competitive not only with price but also service and support This plant is also connected to Plant 4 where product receives all finishing process and is consolidated for storage and shipping purpose!  
1430 Lavelle Drive
Xenia, OH 45385
Plant #4 Description
This facility is a dedicated warehousing and finishing operation designed to consolidate shipping and support JIT (Just In Time) activities. A computerized tracking system enables us to ensure FIFO on all finished goods product as well as accurate inventory reporting. At this location we have internal expediting that monitors and pulls product through the various manufacturing plants and communicates impending deliver interruptions to the appropriate customer contacts.  
1380 Lavelle Drive
Xenia, OH 45385
Plant #5 Description
Plant 5 serves as the corporate headquarters of Twist Inc. Administrative functions at this facility include Engineering, Estimating, Sales, and Quality Control. Sheet metal fabrication, assemblies and short run stampings are the primary focus at this location. Using CNC programmable punch, laser, and brake press equipment, Twist can take advantage of quick set-ups and low cost tooling to provide varieties of product from prototypes to fully assembled electronic cabinetry. Off-line computer programming and design capability support this equipment.  
47 S. Limestone
Jamestown, OH 45335
Plant #6 Description
The facility is constructed from masonry and stainless steel and is designed to be a low maintenance operation. This plant is a dedicated plating operation that is in full compliance with all governmental and state regulations. At this location we plate the products we produce internally and serve as a subcontractor to those customers who send product to us for plating only.  
1370 Lavelle Drive
Xenia, OH 45385
Plant #7 Description
This facility was designed and structured for products requiring extensive tool and die support. The focus at this location is fourslide products, stampings, tool and die design/build. Twist has the capability to integrate and support our customer concepts into full-scale design and build. We maintain several design packages that enable us to send, receive and communicate designs promptly. With our in-house Tool & Die capabilities, we can provide complex tooling on time and within budget.  
5020 Waynesville-Jamestown Rd.
Jamestown, OH 45335
Plant #8 Description
This plant serves as our primary Assembly operation. At this facility we have the technology and capability to process anything from a simple two piece assembly to complex assemblies containing hundreds of components. Our diversification enables us to produce a variety of metallic components, assemble, and perform any final assembly test that may be required. From complex electronic cabinets to automotive seat assemblies, Twist has the knowledge, expertise, and resources to manage the full scope of our customers’ assembly projects.  
825 Bellbrook Ave
Xenia, OH 45385