Manufacturing Capablities


Paint Capabilities

Twist is fully equipped to meet all of your painted finishing requirements with in-house capabilities for Powder Coating, Wet Paint, E-coat, Bulk Dip and Spin, Magni 565 and Silkscreening. Twist has formed strategic partnerships with several of the leading paint distributors and can custom match any color. Our lisence as an approved applicator of the environmental safe Magni 565 process is limited to products we produce in-house.

Our facility features a combination of continuous monorail conveyor systems and off line booths for applying all Powder, Wet Paint and E-coat applications. These processes are supported by a six stage pre-cleaning washer line that contains an iron phosphate primer. This combination of technology and application methods allows for maximum flexibility, lead time reductions and competitive pricing.

Having the luxury of our diversified business, Twist has the experience and product capability to design and build custom masking and partial coating fixtures no matter how complicated or involved the project scope is specified.