Manufacturing Capablities

Snap & Retaining Rings

Twist utilizes specialized equipment coupled with our own custom in-house designs and automation to maximum efficiency; control the quality of the parts and to provide the most cost-effective means of manufacturing.

Twist is capable of manufacturing rings out of square, rectangular and round material sections.  The technology available to Twist allows us produce inner or outer diameters with limited restriction.

Coiled snap and retaining rings provide obvious cost advantages over conventional stamped rings in that the raw material is purchased to the exact specifications with no scrap.   In addition a coiled ring requires minimal tooling investment unlike the stamped die process   From a design perspective, a coiled ring offers maximum strength over a stamped process due to the uniform grain direction of the material.

Twist is capable of manufacturing rings having various gap configurations to assist with assembly, disassembly, and identification issues. In addition, we can provide a variety of different cut-off configurations where required.